TEDx: 10th Anniversary Campaign

Client: TEDx
Role: Design
Team: Maya Sariahmed, Mike Femia

TEDx is globally recognized organization helping leaders, innovators, and thinkers all over the world connect with their communities and enrich peoples’ lives. And this year, it’s celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Hurray! The wonderful team at TED asked me to create an Online campaign identity for this remarkable achievement. 

Each TEDx event throughout the world creates its own branding and visual identity, and as a result, creates its own ‘X’ logo or graphic. We inserted this design collection into the campaign identity, while incorporating words and images that voice the organization’s values and global reach.

TEDx_Instagram Post_Mockup-01.png
TEDx_Instagram Post_Mockup-04.png
TEDx_Instagram Post_Mockup-02.png
TEDx_Instagram Post_Mockup-03.png
20190127_TEDx_Wild Posting.png
TEDx_Instagram Post_Mockup-07.png
TEDx_Instagram Post_Mockup-10.png