TED at the National Academy of Sciences

Client: National Academy of Sciences
Design, Strategy
Team: Individual Project

On November 1, 2019, the TED institute will be hosting an event at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C., titled TED@NAS. The event will bring together renowned institutions The Kavli Foundation and The Simons Foundation to explore new frontiers in the realm of science.

The TED team selected the theme catalyze and brought me on to help bring the idea to life. Building upon the idea of catalyze as an action verb, something that helps create change and evolution, the visual identity is meant to convey energy and motion, a spark of ignition. Yet it still maintains an elegance and sophistication, deserving of the event’s distinguished guests and scientific sensibility. The logo itself is meant to feel as if it is on the verge of breaking apart, and the analogous colors help create a sense of vibrating tension.

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