Seneca College Environmental Graphics

Client: Perkins + Will
Role: Strategy, Messaging, Design
Team: Laura Stein, Kar Yan Chung, Erik Krim

Seneca College's new Center for Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (CITE) building aims to bring together Indigenous world views and technological innovation. The building's architecture firm Perkins+Will hired Bruce Mau Design to visually tell this story. 

Throughout the building, walls will feature large-scale visuals of Indigenous and innovation stories. The theme "Manifesto for Making" unifies the content and works to inspire students to draw learnings from Indigenous ideas. The Manifesto comprises a list of 5 directives derived from Indigenous stories, with each directive being visually told through thematically linked Indigenous and technological imagery. The building's exterior walls and bulkheads are further linked through a story of earth, water, and air. 

BMD worked closely with the project architects and members of the Aboriginal Education Council to realize a content and messaging strategy that acknowledged the many facets of this project. I played an integral role in helping to develop this strategy, as well as the overall visual design and spacial organization. I also co-wrote the technology wall captions.

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