Concept: Modular Shelving

A modular storage system designed with an adaptable framework and easily removable and reversible bins so urban designers, workers in shared office spaces, and design-savvy urbanites with a hankering for DIY projects can have functional storage within an interactive design and customizable aesthetic. 

The shelving system comprises wall-mounted oak beams spaced along rear, linkable tracks and hinged aluminum brackets. The brackets house press-fit pins so they can be easily flipped up or down within CNC’d slots to allow for completely customizable configurations. The system’s bins are made of machine bent steel frames to hold modular sheet metal panels and press-fit wire mesh to be fully recyclable and epoxy free. The bins come in two sizes, are stackable, and are easy to handle with their 1” diameter laminated wood handles. Swap the front bin panels to create your own custom designed bins, interchange truss brackets for the bottom hanging brackets for a free-standing shelving system, or connect multiple kits together to inhabit an entire wall.