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Ester & Ethyl Wine Subscription

Client: E & J Gallo Winery
Role: Design, Strategy
Team: Chris Braden, Tatsumi Taeron, Margot Fabre, Kar Yan Chung

BMD was brought on to help E & J Gallo Winery create a new Online wine subscription business. I was part of both the strategy team where we helped Gallo position the brand within the market for urban consumers who already had an interest in wine. As a member of both the design and strategy teams, I helped develop the naming criteria, brand strategy, and visual design development that became the existing visual identity and brand story.

The visual identity is inspired by the off-white paper, black type, and delicate illustrations of classic wine labels. Margot Fabre’s fabulous illustrations create the beating heart of the brand that humanizes the simple and minimal design, with lingering notes of elegance and a casual finish.

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